Marketing Trends 2022 - What Innovation We Will See?

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As 2022 is approaching, you might be evaluating and budgeting about the new digital marketing strategy. Yes, you are right. There is a lot to be considered as we have just recovered from an unforeseen public health emergency. COVID-19 affected everything, including industries, social norms, and compressed technological advancements. These technological advancements, which were to happen in years, took place in months.

For many companies, 2022 will be a time to innovate their priorities and identify how to make their brand productive and effective.

For digital marketing companies, AI and augmented reality are the new heights. These have been growing in the field of digital marketing for the last few years.

Let’s take a look at the top digital marketing trends of 2022.

1. The Rise of AI

According to the assignment writing service firm, artificial intelligence (AI) is the biggest promise of the future. Nowadays, companies like banking, healthcare, retail, etc., are already starting to use AI for marketing purposes. AI is often used in marketing automation, like suggesting keywords to optimize a company’s search results. Marketers are also looking into AI applications to predict what customers want to buy in future. This analysis uses the past purchases and browsing history of the customers.

In 2022, explore AI to use it in combination with SEO and other digital marketing trends.

2. AI-Powered Influencer Marketing

In 2020, the influencer market was valued at $9.7 billion. By 2022, it is estimated to reach $15billion, with most marketers saying they spend more than 20% of their budget on influencer content.

The next phase of influencer marketing is the widespread involvement of AI in everything. It includes influencer identification as well as influencer’s performance. In this model, you will pay for sales influencers produce, which looks good for your company.

3. Virtual Assistants

Like AI, virtual assistants are also becoming popular. It’s been estimated that the market value of voice search shopping will hit $40 billion by 2022. These assistants respond to customer inquires on social media channels, email marketing and other online platforms.

There are a lot of benefits associated with virtual assistants. They include:

  • VA’s can answer customers inquires without the intervention of the company
  • The AI empowering the VA’s gives the customer an interesting experience
  • VA’s increase customers interaction by providing an enjoyable experience

4. Hybrid Events

At the time of coronavirus, virtual events became popular to engage customers. The CEO of essay writing service said that now the life is coming back to normal again. People are starting to feel more comfortable in physical gatherings. So companies have to make a choice. Should they return to normal physical events, or should they stay virtual to address customers’ problems?

So, what should companies do? The answer is simple, adopt a hybrid approach. When organizing events in 2022, make sure your company have strong digital components. It would be best to use technologies like AR and VR to make the digital experience more enjoyable.

5. Content Marketing

Do you want to make your company prominent in your industry? Then it would be best if you lined up your leadership and SEO qualities. By focusing on these three key elements, your company would enjoy credibility and authority.

Let’s start with the B2B content on your site. Once you get a solid base on different topics, then add the PR element. Finally, make sure that people are linking to your content under certain topics that you can own.

6. Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, people spend more and more time online using their phones. According to Pew Research, constant use of the internet among adults increased by five per cent in the last few years. In the world of marketing, people’s attitude towards buying things has changed with the revolution on the internet.

More people are using mobile phones and tablets rather than desktop browsers to search for things. Businesses should develop mobile-friendly content that will rank higher in search engines. One simple strategy to do this is to optimize your websites’ design to fit into smaller screens.

7. Geofencing

Geofencing is a location-oriented service. It is simply a fence around a specific location. It allows companies to send messages to people who enter their area. The medium of messaging could be email, text message, social media or an app. Its usage applies to everything from gas stations to fast food points.

And more than 50% of people, upon receiving a message through geofencing, acted on it. This is not a bad number. So, we can say this might be an innovation that we can see in 2022.

8. Innovative searches

Most people rely on typing their requests into Google for results. Today, more and more searches are taking place via voice search—for example, Alexa, Suri and Google Assistant.

According to an estimation, 40% of people use voice searches to find things at home and work. Alexa has more than 30,000 skills. Like you can command to Alexa, “Open Gmail.”

It will open Gmail for you. You can find any song by just singing it in voice search. This is a great innovation.

Other innovative search options are searching by an image on Google and by Lens on Pinterest. You need to point your camera at what you want to search; the results will be there for you in seconds. Pinterest has even a shop function, where you can buy a thing instantly.

9. Alternatives to Third Party Cookies

In the modern world, consumers demand more protection over their private data. In this regard, google recently announced its plan to end support for third-party cookies. What should today’s marketers do? They should concentrate on protecting the data of their consumers.

10. Personalized Advertising

90% of consumers say that they prefer advertisements based on their searches. Personalized advertising will continue to be a digital marketing trend in 2022.

A long stay at home changed the way of interaction of customers with retailers. Take the time to understand changes in digital marketing trends. These trends are the key to your success.

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